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We are a group of companies that operate in the employment market and provides its customers

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L.M.Personnel Services Ltd. was established in 1988. Today, it is ranked among the five leading companies in the human resource and placement field by D&B

The company has a management team and permanent job holders from the field of psychology and behavioral sciences. The company has years of experience and expertise in the field of manpower evaluation, screening, recruitment, training, and placement in a wide range of professions and positions.

The company's structure includes a division into desks and subsidiaries operating in synergy, each of which specializes in its field.​​

Expose call center is in the company's Headquarters. At the call center we have the most advanced IP telephony system that has recording and management capabilities.
The services of the call center include: latent telephone controls, telephone data collection, customer satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, telephone surveys and data analysis, internet surveys, arrival permits, invitations, etc.

Input Consulting & Training specializes in providing training and organizational development solutions. The development process and the organization's unique training model are built after understanding the needs, familiarity with the organizational culture and with the target audience. we provide in-depth experience with the world of training and organizational consulting.

Trigger provides a variety of experiential marketing solutions and provides a unique and effective response to the marketing needs of its customers. We are proud to lead the field of experiential marketing in Israel, in a wide range of services such as: production of events, product launches, registration and guidance, experiential marketing, concept stewardship and flyers distribution.

Greentech was founded in 2003 in recognition of the real need of many enterprises for outsourcing solutions that will enable them to optimize their business operations and maximize the resources available to them. Our company has thousands of employees and projects spread throughout the country and abroad that works for the largest and leading companies in the economy, talented managers by type of activity and engineers with professional knowledge that brings the activities to maximum efficiency.

L.M Group

Expos - undercover clients

Input - Consulting & Training

Trigger - stewards and marketing

Greentec - Outsourcing Services and Project management

TEMA - Diagnostic Institute

The TEMA Institute provides an accurate and professional response to all recruitment or diagnostic needs. From the hive workers, through the middle managers to the top of the pyramid. As a leading diagnostic institute, we invest considerable resources in the research and development of precise and innovative diagnostic and screening tools that best support the decisions taken in the recruitment and management processes of human resources in the organization.

L.M Group

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