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It's all about people

A group of companies that operates in the employment market in Israel and the world and provides its customers with a one-stop shop service with a systemic vision, synchronization between the companies, and uncompromising professionalism

Through the group companies, we help businesses focus on what is important to them and win

We employ thousands of employees and are proud of the great value we bring to the world

Our secret lies in the best people

You are invited to get an impression of the group's companies and contact us

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Female majority in headquarters 

thousands of customers

35 years of

Tens of thousands
of workers


Group companies

L.M. A world of man power

We at L.M. We are proud to lead the world of flexible employment in Israel while developing and creating innovative services that give our customers the ability to deal with economic reality and the possibility of realizing their vision. The company's branches are spread all over the country and serve a wide public of candidates, employees, and employers every day through a unique structure of division into desks, each specializing in their field and guaranteeing a professional and focused service.


Expose - mystery shoppers and surveys

Expose provides secret client services and surveys for many companies and organizations from different industries. Among them Shufersal, IKEA, Israel Railways, golf, hotels, restaurants, car companies, transportation and more
The company has many competitive advantages and advanced technology
to locate in Europe click here


Tema Institute for diagnosis, and placement

Tema Institute provides an accurate and professional answer to all recruitment or diagnosis needs. Starting with the hive workers, through the level of middle managers to the top of the pyramid. As a leading diagnostic institute, we invest many resources in the research and development of accurate and innovative diagnostic and screening tools, which optimally support the decisions made in the recruitment and management processes of the human resource in the organization


Wink - High-tech placement and headhunting

wink = wink :)
wink is an international company for recruiting high-tech employees, we have branches in Germany, Poland, the USA and Israel. We specialize in locating and placing high-tech employees in an accurate and high-quality manner and are proud of thousands of successful names in Israel and around the world
Our teams have rich experience and the ability to locate quality candidates very efficiently. The positions we are recruiting include: software people, graduates of technology units, algorithms people, information security and cyber, infrastructure people, Q&A tests, product and project management, BI/Big Data, research and development and more


Trigger - event attendants and sales promotion

Trigger event attendants and sales promotion company provides a variety of experiential marketing solutions and provides a unique and effective response to the marketing needs of its customers. We are proud to lead the field of experiential marketing in Israel, a broad request for services such as the production of promotion events, product launches, registration and guidance, experiential marketing,   concept flight attendants and distribution of flyers

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Greentech - outsourcing, inventory counts and project management

Greentech was founded in 2003 out of the recognition of the real need of many organizations and enterprises for outsourcing solutions that will allow them to optimize their business activities and make the most of the resources at their disposal.

Every day we manage dozens of projects in Israel and around the world that include inventory management services, production line management, packaging, subcontracting and more.


Management and establishment of call centers

Expose call centers operate and manage call centers in various fields:

Customer service centers, telemarketing and telemeeting, human response for business owners, support centers, survey, and data optimization centers, incoming call browsing centers, language support centers, digital centers, summoning centers, and queue management.
The main activity is carried out from our large center in Netanya.

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Placement and HR company in Europe

A placement and staffing company operating from branches scattered in Poland and Germany that provides services for locating, recruiting, and employing employees throughout Europe.

The company specializes, among other things, in relocation for experts, locating and placing senior executives, managing customer service centers in different languages and technological development from Poland to companies all over the world.


Input - consulting and training

We at Input Consulting and Training specialize in providing training and organizational development solutions. The development process and the unique training model for the organization are built after understanding its needs, getting to know the organizational culture and the target audience, and having a rich and in-depth experience with the world of organizational training and consulting.

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Smart software and applications for HR

We are proud to manage and develop a series of software, websites and applications in the field of human resources that help managers and candidates create a perfect match for the recruited positions

  • Analyzer- the diagnostic tool that examines the suitability of a candidate for an organization -website

  • Re-view- Automatic system for checking referrals -website

  • CV-view-  recorded interviews System -website

  • Credibility test - to check the reliability of candidates

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Outsourced employment services

  • payroll office

  • Calculation and production of wages

  • social security payment

  • Legal and pension advice

  • Service center for employer and employee

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On-line learning for organizations

A digital system for conducting interactive learning for the purpose of training employees and complying with the regulatory conditions, each organization can adapt unique learning or use our off-the-shelf learning:

  • safety

  • Preventing Sexual Harassment

  • Data Security

  • accessibility

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